Welcome to the Quick Plots plot generator! This idea was conceived while we were discussing NaNoWriMo (which is an incredibly interesting competition). It's based off an old drama class practice, in which each group of students would pull a tiny slip of paper from a hat. On this paper were three or four lines of text which provided a concept or plot. The groups then had to improvise a skit that lasted anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.

We thought this would make an excellent (and fun) creative writing activity. It gives you a structured writing experience, and forces you to step outside your boundaries a bit since the plots were made by others. Keep in mind, this is not a stuffy, serious task, so have fun. Play with your characters, get a bit silly and enjoy yourself!

So here's how it works. You click 'New Plot' and just like magic, a plot and word goal will appear. Neat, huh? Then you write a story based on the idea and containing the specified number of words, and TA DA! You're finished. Enjoy! ^_^

Here's a Plot

Your plot: The main character purchases an artifact from a vendor at a flea market. The vendor was oddly agressive in making the sale. Your character begins to have discomforting dreams, the dreams become more vivid and more terrifying over time until your character's life is in shambles. No matter what s/he does to try and get rid of the object, it can always be found, back in the same place.
Word count goal: 1500

New Plot